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Fuel Tank Cleaning Services

Fuel Tank Cleaning Services

fuel tank cleaning services

Is your fuel contaminated?

Are clogged filters leading to customer complaints of slow fuel delivery? Are you losing customers and sales because of fuel quality and fuel pumping problems?

Clogged filters can be replaced, but are often an indication of a larger problem: contaminated fuel and contaminated fuel storage tanks.

Let Refuel inspect your fuel tanks and recommend the level of service right for your situation.

Are you getting a temporary fix?

Replacing the filters may temporarily to fix the problem–until you get another fuel drop. This will stir up the sediment and particulates that have settled at the bottom of tank and mix it with the new fuel.  The newly dropped, and now contaminated fuel will soon clog your filters again.

Many companies simply filter or “polish” your fuel and return it to your tanks. We go one step further. By cleaning your fuel tank with our patent-pending process, you’ll not only have cleaner fuel immediately, but it will stay cleaner longer.

Is your fuel tank really being cleaned or has the fuel just been polished?

Your tanks & and fuel will be returned to optimal quality. In the over 11 years we’ve been cleaning fuel tanks, we’ve never had to re-clean a properly maintained fuel tank after our service! Refuel’s process eliminates:

•  Bacterial Growth
•  Water Contamination
•  Rust/Corrosion
•  Sludge Build-Up


See a Visual Comparison of Tank Cleaning Methods!

Our Fuel Tank Washing Difference

If fuel tanks are contaminated with water, sludge or bacteria, simply filtering the fuel without cleaning fuel tanks can quickly lead to the fuel becoming re-contaminated.

Refuel Environmental Services combines the art of fuel tank cleaning with the science of fuel polishing and filtering to bring your fuel and and your fuel storage tanks back to original specifications.

The Refuel Fuel Tank Washing Process, is our patent-pending, all-in-one solution that brings fuel back to optimal quality and removes tank contaminants in only a few hours!

Refuel is the Midwest’s leader utilizing our patent pending tank cleaning process.

Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

• For UST & AST
• Average time to service a tank is 3 1/2 hours.
• Only the tank being cleaned will be out of service.
• Requires only 2-3″ tank openings.
• No excavation.
• Fuel is transferred from the tank prior to cleaning.
• The interior of the tank is thoroughly cleaned using high-pressure wash & rinse heads.
• Solids & water are vacuum extracted from your underground fuel tank.
• Fuel is filtered to original specifications.
• Only clean, dry fuel is returned to tank.
• Refuel handles the wash-water disposal.

It’s the fastest, safest, most effective way to ensure your tanks & pumps perform reliably.

Compare Effectiveness!

Fuel Filtering: 6 Months
Fuel Tank Bottom Cleaning: 12 Months
Full Service Fuel Tank Cleaning: 11+ Years