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Complete Fuel Tank Cleaning vs. Fuel Tank Bottom Cleaning

Complete Fuel Tank Cleaning vs. Fuel Tank Bottom Cleaning

How do fuel tank cleaning methods compare?

Do you think that getting the fuel in your tank filtered will end those filter changes and customer complaints? Take another look.

Just because fuel samples look clean doesn’t mean you have a clean fuel tank.

Refuel cleaned this fuel tank two different ways:

Fuel Tank Cleaning-Bottom Sweep Method

Fuel Filtration & Bottom Sweep

Filtering and cleaning a tank by Bottom Sweep utilizes a  mechanism to run along the bottom of the tank to stir up particulate and water that will be removed during the fuel filtration process usually done vie kidney loop. This process may remove water and particulate however it cannot remove sludge build up that has accumulated on the sidewalls of the tank and above. This sludge will eventually run down to the bottom of the tank and re-contaminate the fuel.

Fuel Tank Cleaning-Full Tank Cleaning Method

Refuel’s Total Fuel Tank Cleaning

Fuel is pumped out of the tank and polished. We use high-pressure, circulating jets to thoroughly wash the tank sides, top, bottom and ends.

The tank is vacuumed, inspected and the freshly filtered fuel is returned to the tank. Because all of the sludge and contaminants are removed, you can expect years of improved performance!


How do I know which method should be used to clean my fuel tank?

The fuel tank cleaning method that you employ depends upon your needs and wants as a trusted supplier and business. If you are researching tank cleaning methods then you probably already have a tank issue.    In order to ensure you get the most out of your tank and your fuel, fuel tanks should be cleaned from the inside out utilizing some type of total, internal cleaning system.

Simply polishing the fuel will not clean the tank itself  and will only band-aid the problems you are encountering at the pump.  There is no substitute for cleaning a tank the right way the first time.  When a tank is cleaned correctly, there is no need for continued filter changes and maintenance for slow flow.  Refuel recommends that most all tanks be cleaned utilizing the total tank washing method.

Refuel handles the disposal of all residue and sludge.